PBSA achieves higher grades and greater wellbeing

Our research shows that PBSA is best for academic performance, technology and student physical and mental wellbeing

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Better accommodation. Better wellbeing. 

Those living in PBSA in their first year are more likely to to be ‘very satisfied’ with their physical health (60%), than those living in halls of residence (32%).

They are also more likely to be 'very satisfied' with their mental health.

This trend continues throughout university.

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Better accommodation. Better grades.

Our research reveals that students living in PBSA in their first year are 26% more likely to achieve top grades than those living in halls of residence and 15% more likely than those living at home. 


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Students prioritise technology

What hasn’t changed is that students want faster internet, a double bed and a high quality of service. They have an expectation of accommodation on a par with a hotel, as opposed to hostels that were available 20 years ago.

- Nick Lake, MCR Property

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